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An Open Letter to the Media: A 6% Commission Isn’t “Standard,” But Here Are 6 Things That ARE Standard for Agents

Many folks in the media have recently been writing sensational headlines declaring an end to buyers’ agents and the “standard 6% commission.” The minute you say that, everything

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🐸 13 Unexpected Leap Year Facts 🐸

About every four years, February gains an extra day. We do this so our calendars don't get out of whack, but Feb. 29 has also prompted some interesting traditions. Here are some surprising facts

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Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024 Is a Gorgeous, Out-of-This-World ShadeBy Leslie CoronaLeslie CoronaLeslie Corona is the Senior Home Editor at REAL SIMPLE magazine. She has been

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A Home of History! The Bean Mansion

A Home of History! <-- Click to open on full page);

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